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The New York State Plan to End AIDS: What Every Medical Provider Needs to Know

by Varsha Koripella, M2, Wayne State Medical School, Terri L. Wilder, MSW, Mt. Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine, Antonio E. Urbina, MD, Mt. Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine

New York State (NYS) has made tremendous strides in decreasing HIV infection rates over the past decade. In order for the AIDS epidemic to be brought to sub-epidemic levels and the first ever decrease in HIV prevalence, NYS must aim to decrease new HIV infections from 3,300 to 750 annually, and reduce the rate at which persons diagnosed with HIV progress to AIDS by 50%. In June of 2014, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a three-point plan to end the AIDS epidemic in NYS by the end of 2020. The plan’s stated goals involve:

  • Identifying persons with HIV who remain undiagnosed and linking them to health care. There are approximately 22,000 people living with HIV in NYS who are unaware of their status. It is critical that access to voluntary HIV testing be increased so individuals can access treatment if they test HIV-positive. Since 2010, NYS Public Health Law has required that medical providers offer HIV testing to all patients ages 13 to 64 as a routine part of health care.
  • Linking and retaining persons diagnosed with HIV to health care and getting them on anti-HIV therapy to maximize HIV virus suppression so they remain healthy and prevent further transmission. In NYS, approximately 64,000 of the 132,000 persons living with HIV are receiving sub-optimal treatment. It is imperative that medical providers identify and link patients to care as soon as possible.
  • Providing access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for high-risk persons to keep them HIV-negative. PrEP is a biomedical intervention for high-risk individuals who are currently HIV-negative. It involves the person taking Truvada, a once-daily pill consisting of tenofovir and emtricitabine. In order to expand on the utilization of PrEP as a prevention tool, the Governor’s plan recommends focusing on education and awareness, affordability, and enhanced availability.

Are you up-to-date on the Governor’s Plan to End AIDS?

The NYS Department of Health Clinical Education Initiative (CEI) provides free CME/CNE trainings for medical providers in NYS. To request a training or to view on-line HIV courses, please visit To speak with a clinician experienced in managing HIV or PrEP, call the CEI Line toll-free at 1-866-637-2342.


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